Adrien, a Dream, a Passion, a Fight

Since early childhood, our son Adrien has been fascinated by anything on wheels, from tricycles to bikes to electric go-karts.

When he was 5 years old, he started on a children’s track and since then he’s never stopped attending circuits of all kinds.

He also has a passion for Formula 1, which he first discovered with us through TV and books.

Adrian loves reading and when a subject interests him, he reads all about it, remembers everthing, records it all and always wants to find out more... with a huge desire to progress.

Adrien is 14 years old today and has started attending a karting school for 2 and a half hours a week on the Vias beach circuit to pass his "steering wheel" tests.

Because Adrien has a dream ! To become a racing driver and enter competitions..
But we are realistic and aware of the difficulties because Adrien is autistic. At the age of 3, he could read and write but did not speak; he began talking when he was 7. He has a fantastic memory and great motivation to succeed and be number one, but he can be subject to anxiety attacks, although these are less and less frequent.
However, on a go-kart track, Adrien becomes completely autonomous and the disorder seems to disappear! Motivated by the competition, he’s off, overtaking left and right, optimizing his trajectory with precision and careful thinking, while respecting other drivers, and the rules of driving and safety. According to his instructor, Adrien has potential and with work, he can succeed.

We support him in his efforts and try to be there for him whenever obstacles arise. Our determination is unwavering. We want to help him fight his disorder and achieve his dream !